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Bookworm struggles: 1st world problem

Some says, reading is like dreaming with your eyes open. That you read to escape the cruel reality but to be honest, sometimes, being a bibliophile can be pain in the ass.

Today, I am going to enlist all the hardships we, bookworms go through or at least what I can think of and all the Google can provide.

1. Constantly being ask what’s your favorite book of all time.

Why? Because for every genre, I have like two or three favorite books. I just can’t choose one. There’s this book I love when I want to cry, to laugh, or to whatsoever.

2. People actually thought you’re super smart.

Little did they know, I always search for the unfamiliar words in the dictionary. That I am too lazy to even read the required reading in our literature class.

3. Torn between wanting to make your favorite book as a movie and not.

It’s because we are all afraid we’ll not like it. That they’ll change a bit in terms of the plot and the casting is not really your cup of tea. I mean, my imagination regarding their faces are already set, no need to change it.

4. You have an unending tbr list.

Let’s face it, despite the fact you have billions of books slowly rotting in your shelves, you still kept purchasing books. Why can’t we just stop?

5. Reading in public is a struggle.

You know why reading in public is so hard? Because people will constantly ask you what you’re reading even though you know they know that you’re in the midst of reading. Of course, you’ll just show them the cover but they’ll ask another question and that is, what is it about?

6. Bad covers

This is not all about cover shaming and believe me, I do believe you should not judge a book by it’s cover but there are just these books that have an amazing plot and characters but have a sucky covers. Type of covers you’re embarrassed to take pictures of or read in public because they’ll thought you’re reading a fantasy version of fifty shades.

Plus, you cannot release your emotions. You can’t cry right in public for fear they’ll gonna judge you.

7. Waiting a year for the next book to come out.

Patience is a virtue but too much waiting is agony. You know what’s worse? You’re waiting too much to the point you forgot what you just read and by the time the book is released, you need to reread the book.

8. When you accidentally rips a page out of frustration.

The author just brutally murdered your favorite character, what do you want me to do? And since you don’t want to be called book monster, you pretended as if nothing happened.

9. Expensive books = growling stomach.

Am I the only one who starves myself(not to the point I’ll die though) just to afford the books I badly want? By that, I’ll just survive by free foods from my family and even from free tastes.

And that’s it, folks. I am already sleepy and I am too dumb to think of another struggle. Perhaps next time though.

Now, how many of these have you experience? And if you have your own struggle of being bibliophile then don’t hesitate to comment down below.


I am a typical 17-year-old reader and I love to read books and if you have a problem with that then why are you even here?

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