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Book review: Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Plot – 3.5
Writing style – 4.5
Characters – 3.5
Romance – 3.5

In which a seventeen-year-old girl moves to California to live with her dad and to meet her online friend.

plot – I was not a fan of films, whether it was released back in the 50s or like yesterday. That is why I was kinda hesitant to pick this novel up for I fear I might not understand a thing. Fortunately, despite my very limited knowledge about films, I still ended up finding the book okay.

Also, not that you care but the sole reason why I gave this a shot was due to my undying attraction towards my Youtube crush. In his case, he really do loves this. So long story short, I am not into contemporaries but decided to forget that for a moment for the sake of flirting. Yikes!

Anyways, one thing I noticed was that there was not a climax. I mean, of course, the revelation was considered as the climax but it just felt to bland to me. The fact that it was the boy who ascertained the secret first caught my attention. Why? Because I am tired of narrators discovering it first. For once, I want the persona to be clueless.

writing style – like I said, I am not really into contemporaries but somehow, I found myself kinda enjoying the novel. But how, you may ask. T’was because of the writing style. It was child friendly. Well, totally not because there was mature contents but hey, you get what I mean.

Fast-paced but boring, I admit. It was a descriptive but not too descriptive. The dialogues were okay, let myself chuckle and wince at some and shrug at most.

characters – cute but unremarkable. In short, they’re typical ya characters. All those family problems and dark past.

However, I do managed to see character development which I appreciate, by the way. Also, I cannot hell myself from experiencing culture shock at some parts *ahem, sex at a very young age*

Romance – not insta-love, thank the heavens for that. The romance was somewhere between aw-I-want-that-kind-of-love and will-surely-end-up-with-divorce.

Nevertheless, I just find the book okay. Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed considering I’ve heard great things about this.

Will I recommend it? Well, if you’re into summer love slash surfing whatever then this book is your soulmate.

Jenn Bennett is an American author of novels for teens and adults. Her notable works include Alex, Approximately, Starry Eyes, and The Anatomical Shape of a Heart. Her books have received critical acclaim and award recognition.


I am a typical 17-year-old reader and I love to read books and if you have a problem with that then why are you even here?

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