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Book review: Dreamfall by Amy Plum

Plot – 5
Characters – 4
Writing style – 4
Romance – 5

In which a group of sleep-deprived teenagers got stuck in their nightmares together.

This is one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read, no joke. I can’t even read this when I am alone because it gives me chills.

Plot – hands down to the author for this. It is utterly genius. This is the type of novel you want your friends to talk about when alone in the dark.

The plot twists seriously got me, it’s been ages since I was actually shook from the revelation. Man, the last 20 pages were amazing!

Writing style – fast paced although there’s some boring moments. Right from the page 1, this whole thing got me hooked.

Read it in one sitting.

Characters – I love them all, okay? Especially the flirt even though the revelation about him.

I just wish we get to know more of their backstory and the messages about their nightmares.

Romance – minimal romance which is okay for me since the plot was really just amazing.

Although I have to be honest, at first, I kinda despite the whole romance because all they do were flirt to each other instead of really paying attention on how to survive this shit.

It kinda intrigue me that Sinclair is a psycho but I just hope he’ll remain his romance with Cats although I don’t think that’s possible.

Since the day one, I already have a feeling CAta is gonna end up with Fergus which is kinda okay with me because they’re cute together. However, isn’t it a bit, I don’t know, awkward that they only ended up together because they have no choice? Fergus’ romantic interest in book 1 was actually imaginary while Sinclair was a psychopath which means he’ll probably kill them in the sequel.

Amy Plum is an American and French young-adult fiction writer, best known for her Die for Me series.


I am a typical 17-year-old reader and I love to read books and if you have a problem with that then why are you even here?

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